David and Donna

We met as students at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. Donna was studying Elementary Education with a minor in English, and I studied Bible with a minor in Greek. We graduated with our Bachelor’s degrees in 1982 and were married that summer. Donna worked in the Business office at BJU Press for 4 years while I was a Graduate Assistant teaching Greek and working on an MA in Bible and then an M.Div. Later I earned a D.Min. in 1999.

After traveling as Christian school representatives for a year, we attended linguistics school and began our full time preparation to come to the Marshall Islands. A friend of mine, Eric Fisher, and I visited the Marshalls in the summer of 1981 and worked with some missionaries on the eastern end of the atoll. Eric and I both felt that the Lord would have us return and start Bible based churches in the Marshalls. Donna and I arrived in October of 1988, and Eric and his wife Barb came in July 1989. Since that time we have been working in the village of Laura on the western end of the atoll. Eric and his family left a few years ago when Eric accepted a pastor position at a church in the U.S.

Our son John was born on Majuro in November of 1991, and Dan was born during a trip to the US in April of 1993. They grew up in Majuro and were homeschooled by Donna. They have both finished their undergraduate degrees and are currently in the U.S.